Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Creating "A Quiet Place - music for healing III"

As we walk down the hall we hear music playing in her ward: Finding the Still Point, beautiful, peaceful. Eleanor sees us and her face lights up. She cannot speak, but today, unlike some days, she is with us... alert, connected, holding our hands tightly. She is 64, she has Alzheimer's, and somehow the music brings her back from the shadows.

Frank lies in bed unable to speak, unable to move, but with a mind that is fully cognizant. He communicates through his eyes - a blink when you get to the right letter on the alphabet chart, spelling one word at a time. He is determined to participate in life. He is 65, he has ALS, and somehow the music helps keep his spirit strong.

Like so many others who suffer from debilitating illness, Eleanor and Frank risk becoming, in many ways, invisible to us in our busy lives. But we can help.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir has embarked on A Quiet Place, the third CD in our music for healing series. It is dedicated to helping bring those who have  become invisible back into focus, honouring them and their caregivers. Our intention with this music is to provide moments of inspiration and calm to those who struggle, and to the circles of family and friends who walk with them.

The music will be chosen (as with Finding the Still Point and Unexpected Gifts) to provide an environment of peace amidst whatever challenges people face - acknowledging difficulties, but evoking a spirit of trust and healing. It is our way of saying, through music, "You do not stand alone."

We will need your help. If you wish to learn how you can participate - either in a small way or a big way - please click here. Together, we can do more.

For more information about the Vancouver Chamber Choir's music for healing CD series and how you can participate in the creation of A Quiet Place, please email Laverne G'froerer or phone 604-985-3280. Thank you.

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