Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PODIUM: Early-bird deadline has been extended to March 1!

Don't miss the chance to attend Canada's National Choral Conference in Saskatoon, May 20 - 23.  Early-bird rates available to March 1.

The Clinicians
Choral Keynote: Prima Donna Choralis featuring Mary Lou Fallis & Peter Tiefenbach
* Patricia Abbott * Dr. Philip Copeland * Caron Daley * Dr. Julia Davids * Morna Edmundson * Laurier Fagnan * Dr. Elroy Friesen * Dr. John Hooper * Robert Ingari * Julia Jamison * Diane Loomer * Marta McCarthy * Larry Nickel * Vern Sanders * Brett Scott * Brian Tate * Peter Tiefenbach

The Choirs

* Canadian Chamber Choir * National Youth Choir of Canada * Elora Festival Singers * DaCamera Singers * DMCice Jazz * Elektra Women's Choir * EnChor * Festival Youth Singers * Flatland Singers * Juventus Concert Choir * Lux Luceat * Saskatoon Chamber Singers * Saskatoon Children's Choir * Spiritus Chamber Choir * Swift Current Comp Chamber Choir * University of Alberta Madrigal Singers * University of Manitoba Singers * University of Regina Chamber Singers * University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers

The Sessions:

Bel Canto Method of Vocal Instruction * French Diction Made Easy * Deepening the Mind-Body Connection in Singing * Building a Male Choir in an SATB town * Technology for the 21st Century Choir * Oldies but Goodies: Senior But Skilled Singers! * The Surviving and Thriving High School Music Teacher * "WOW"ing Your Audience * Vocal Health Through Alignment * Developing Tone by Choosing the Right Repertoire * Making Gesture Meaningful * Lift Up Your Voice: The Gospel  Experience * Master Classes with the Canadian Chamber Choir.
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