Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Friday, November 30, 2012

CHORAL CONCERT, with host Peter Togni Sunday, December 2, 2012 9:00 - 11:00 am, (9:30 - 11:30 NT) on CBC Radio 2

The Canadian Chamber Choir with Canta Mara in Halifax

This week on Choral Concert Peter Togni brings us the Canadian Chamber Choir in a concert from Halifax. Recorded in the beautiful acoustics of St Patrick’s Church in Halifax, The Canadian Chamber Choir teamed up with Canta Mara - a brand new adult choir based in Nova Scotia.

You’ll hear Julia Davids lead the two groups into some very special choral territory, with some exquisite writing from Canadian composers Jeff Enns and Rupert Lang.

Plus – some sneak previews of Peter Togni’s favourite choral CD’s you might want to find under your tree this Christmas.

Don’t forget that CBCMUSIC.CA has lots to offer for classical music lovers, there are 10 classical streams, available 24 / 7. You can also check out the Choral Concert blog plus extensive videos and concerts in all genres.

Crossroads Singers: A Transformative Experience

In 1998, Dr. Marilyn Hundleby added a choral program to the range of art therapies within the Arts in Medicine Program (AIM) at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. Dr. Hundleby believed that the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of singing in a choir would benefit those who were journeying through the unfamiliar and frightening experience of cancer. As with other art therapies in the AIM program, the choir was open to patients, their supporters, and health care providers – anyone who had been touched by cancer in any way. The choir, which welcomes all voices, is directed and accompanied by Beth MacIntosh. Regular Wednesday afternoon practices prepare the group to extend its message of hope and “Gift of Song” to the community, and twice a year, in the spring and during the Christmas season, the group performs concerts in extended care facilities, hospitals and retirement centres.

As we all well know, the accelerating costs of health care have necessitated many hard choices, and the clinical research to support the effectiveness of adjunctive art-based therapies is easily outweighed by that of traditional interventions like radiation and chemo. So it was a shock, though not a complete surprise, to be told that our choral singing program was being discontinued.

Singing and Depression: Assistance Requested

Vivien Fellegi is a journalist writing a magazine article about the beneficial impact of singing on depression. In her article she will attempt to explain why singing helps to relieve depression with reference to recent studies on this topic by a number of experts. She would also like to collect  experiences from singers who suffer from depression and have been helped by singing. If you are interested in assisting with this research, please contact Vivien at

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saskatoon Chamber Singers Releases CD

For the last fifteen years the Saskatoon Chamber Singers has presented a concert of music and readings on Remembrance Day. Drawn from these concerts, the choir's first CD, Remember, commemorates those who fought and died in war as well as those who have gone before us. The selections cover a wide spectrum in their approach to life and its inevitable ending. Most of the music showcases a vibrant contemporary choral repertoire, with over half by Canadian composers. The CD was recently featured on CBC Radio's Choral Concert, which noted the Chamber Singers' "wonderful blend ... and a rich sound, sort of gorgeous velvet."
For more information:

Friday, November 23, 2012

CHORAL CONCERT, with host Peter Togni Sunday, November 25, 2012 9:00 - 11:00 am, (9:30 - 11:30 NT) on CBC Radio 2

Choral Concert presents “The Sacred and the Profane” with the Ottawa Bach Choir

This week on Choral Concert Peter Togni delves into the contrasting worlds of the Renaissance master Claudio Monteverdi. He lived at a time of great musical change, where the “profane”, or secular world was becoming as important as the sacred world of the church.

Claudio Monteverdi’s push towards the beauty and simplicity of pure melody and away from big, cathedral-oriented textures earned his place in history as a musical maverick. He was one of the first musicians in history where we can say: “could that man write a melody”!!!

This week on Choral Concert Peter Togni brings you the Ottawa Bach Choir as they tackle the beautiful and innovative world of this great Italian renaissance master, delving into both his sacred and “profane” works.

The Ottawa Bach Choir has come into their own over the past few years, performing a full range of repertoire at a higher and higher level. Not to be missed.

Don’t forget that CBCMUSIC.CA has lots to offer for classical music lovers, there are 10 classical streams, available 24 / 7. You can also check out the Choral Concert blog plus extensive videos and concerts in all genres.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wanted: New Releases for Review

ACCC would like to review any new choral CDs and/or books related to the choral world for Anacrusis. If you have a new CD or book about choral music, please send a review copy to:
Carolyn Nielsen, VP Communications, 198 Rocky Road, Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1V2

Recherche: Dernières nouveautés relatives à l'art choral

L'ACCC voudrait évaluer de nouveaux CDs ou/et de nouveaux livres relatifs à l'art choral en vue de la publication de critiques dans Anacrusis.  Si vous avez un nouveau CD ou un livre susceptible de nous intéresser veuillez en adresser un exemplaire à: Carolyn Nielsen, Communications VP, 198 Rocky Road, Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1V2

International A CAPPELLA Contest Leipzig May 3—June 2, 2013

Applications are now being accepted for the International A CAPPELLA Contest Leipzig. The contest supports the mutual exchange and artistic development of young groups and is open to a cappella groups of all styles. The contest offers the renowned A CAPPELLA Award and price money of € 4.500 altogether, including the Audience Award, the Amarcord Special Prize and future performances at the Festival for Vocal Music “a cappella”.

All participants will benefit from a workshop with Dr. Matthias Becker, singer and leader of the jazz ensemble VoKAL ToTAL.

Vocal groups with three to eight members and a maximum average age of 28 years may apply for participating in the contest. Amplified and non-amplified groups will compete in the same category. The application form can be found on the contest website: The Application deadline is 15th January 2013.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

CHORAL CONCERT, with host Peter Togni Sunday, November 18, 2012 9:00 - 11:00 am, (9:30 - 11:30 NT) on CBC Radio 2

Choral Concert presents “Mysterious World’s” with Pro Coro Canada

This week on Choral Concert Peter Togni brings us legends, fairy tales, distant lands and cloud capped mountains.... through choral music that invokes mysterious places, and mysterious worlds.

Our feature choir is Pro Coro Canada, led by their new director Michael Zaugg. They will bring us a program called “Once Upon a Time” a concert full of legends, heroes and far away places. You will hear the music of Bo Holten, Ugis Praulins, and the Nova Scotian composer and rising star Cy Giacomin.

You will also hear mysterious music by the American composer Eric Whitacre, and the Estonian Cyrillus Kreek.

Don’t forget that CBCMUSIC.CA has lots to offer for classical music lovers, there are 10 classical streams, available 24 / 7. You can also check out the Choral Concert blog plus extensive videos and concerts in all genres.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Múzsa Festivals for Choirs - 2013

The Múzsa Festival Organizing Office in Hungary lists dozens of cultural programmes, competitions and festivals for choirs. You may view the complete listing on their web site:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Latvian Radio Choir - Livestream on Sunday November 11

For people who don’t live in Toronto or can’t attend the performance of the Latvian Radio Choir with four Canadian University choirs this Sunday, the livestream will be up on the concert event page on the Soundstreams website:

Friday, November 9, 2012

TMC 3rd Annual Choral Conductors' Symposium-Application Deadline Extended to November 23

Noel Edison to lead 3rd annual TMC Choral Conductors’ Symposium January 22-26, 2013 in Toronto

The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir is now accepting applicants for the 3rd annual TMC Choral Conductors’ Symposium.  The TMC created this national symposium in 2011 as part of its Emerging Conductors Program to bring together emerging choral conductors with acclaimed conductor Noel Edison and two internationally recognized choirs. During the symposium participating conductors work intensively with Noel Edison and the choirs to expand their own choral conducting skills.  In 2013 the five-day Toronto-based symposium will take place from January 22 through 26.

Participating conductors will not only refine their skills in workshops with Noel Edison, but will be given the rare opportunity to conduct the 70-voice Mendelssohn Singers and the chamber-sized Elora Festival Singers.  Working with these two ensembles of experienced and skilled singers will present the conductors with the opportunity to experiment with their own conducting styles and musical interpretation.

Five conductors will be accepted into the program.  There will also be opportunities for others to participate as observers.  The deadline for conductors to submit their application to participate is November 23, 2012.  Details, including the registration form, are available on the TMC Choral Conductors’ Symposium web page.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CHORAL CONCERT, with host Peter Togni Sunday, November 11, 2012 9:00 - 11:00 am, (9:30 - 11:30 NT) on CBC Radio 2

20 years of remembrance with Vancouver’s Chor Leoni

For the past 20 years, Vancouver's all men's choir Chor Leoni have presented annual Remembrance Day concerts.

These concerts have struck a chord so deeply with audiences that Chor Leoni has to present three performances just to accommodate interest and often, they are so popular that still people are turned away at the door for lack of room.

Their conductor Diane Loomer says that "while the theme and choice of repertoire may have gradually changed by focusing more on songs of peace rather than war, our hopes and our goals for this concert have remained consistent throughout these twenty years.  That is, to provide you with a quiet space to openly mourn, grieve, remember, and reflect.  There are times in all of our lives when loss and feelings of grief seem impossible to express in words.  We hope it helps to say it with music."

For this Remembrance Day Sunday Peter Togni brings us this annual event recorded in a very special studio session with Chor Leoni - created just for Choral Concert.

You will also hear a brand new release of Arvo Part’s Adam's Lament featuring the Latvian Radio Choir.

Don’t forget that CBCMUSIC.CA has lots to offer for classical music lovers, there are 10 classical streams, available 24 / 7. You can also check out the Choral Concert blog plus extensive videos and concerts in all genres.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hamilton Children's Choir Guests at 1st Xinghai International Choir Championships

This week the Hamilton Children's Choir and Artistic Director Zimfira Poloz depart for China where they will be the special guest star performers at the 1st Xinghai International Choir Championships where they will be joined by over 100 choirs from all over the world, 25 of them from the host country China.

As invited guests, the HCC will sing in the opening and closing ceremonies at the dazzling Guangzhou Opera House, (both of which will be broadcast by CCTV) and perform at the Gala Concert & the Award Ceremony. The choir will compete at Xinghai Conservatory for the Xinghai Prize in a competition that is open only to choirs already experienced in international concerts and competitions and which are ranked amongst the world's best amateur choirs. On November 12th. Artistic Director Zimfira Poloz and her Hamilton Children's Choir will give a workshop for all the other choirs and their conductors at the Choral Symposium.

Following this festival, the choir will travel to Shenzhen to give a workshop for the Shenzhen Choral Association and perform an evening concert at the Shenzhen Concert Hall.

Celebrate World Choral Day December 9, 2012

World Choral Day (WCD) is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in December: this year December 9. The theme for 2012 is “Solidarity”: choral events organized for WCD on or around that date will form a collective expression of solidarity with all the people who are suffering because of human and natural catastrophes.

We invite you to enter an event for WCD by simply completing the form that is available on or This only takes 5 minutes, but it makes your event visible to the whole world. You can download the WCD logo and the official WCD proclamation from the same website. The proclamation is usually read during an event, but is not a must, making sure the WCD message is heard all over the world.

We’d appreciate it if you sent us some data and maybe some photos after the event. If you want more information:

Friday, November 2, 2012

33rd Annual National Conductors' Symposium APPLICATION DEADLINE APPROACHING!

Jon Washburn and the Vancouver Chamber Choir will present the 33rd annual National Conductors' Symposium February 4-9, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. The symposium offers selected conductors an opportunity to take part in masterclasses with Canada's premier choral ensemble.


The application form is available here.

Five applicants will be chosen to participate as Conductors, receiving significant time with the Vancouver Chamber Choir in rehearsal and performance in the final concert POETRY IN MUSIC on February 9. As many as 10 additional applicants will be selected as Observers and be involved in all aspects of the Symposium, including one opportunity to conduct.