Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Association of Canadian Choral Communities Is Pleased to Announce the Finalists in the National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs 2010

The first round of the National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs was a wonderful success with many worthy ensembles in the mix.  Congratulations to each and every group that submitted an entry -- all showed heartfelt commitment to singing, the pursuit of excellence, and capable leadership.  Despite stiff competition in many categories, the following ensembles have been selected by a national panel of 10 judges as finalists for 2010:
Category 1: Children’s Choirs
Edmonton Children’s Choir (40 Voices), Edmonton, AB
Conductor: John Wiebe

Mississauga Children’s Choir (29 Voices), Toronto, ON
Conductor: Thomas Bell

Category 2: Youth Choirs | Upper Voices (SA)
Cantilon Chamber Choir (45 Voices), Edmonton, AB
Conductor: Heather Johnson

Category 4: Youth Choirs | Mixed Voices
Canterbury High School Chamber Chorus (21 Voices) Ottawa, ON
Conductor: Laurie Hamilton

Cantiamo Chamber Choir (22 Voices) Kitchener, ON
Conductor: Nancy Tanguay

Eric Hamber Secondary Vocal Jazz Ensemble (23 Voices), Vancouver BC
Conductor: Les Nerling

Medway Madrigal Singers (26 Voices) Arva, ON
Conductors: Jeff Beynon and Kathy McNaughton

Category 5: Mixed-Voice Community-Based Adult Choirs
Spiritus Chamber Choir (39 Voices), Calgary, AB
Conductor: Timothy Shantz

Choeur Anima Musica (32 Voices), Montreal, QC
Conductor: Geneviève Boulanger

Category 6: Mixed Voice Collegiate Choirs
Memorial University of Newfoundland Chamber Choir (41 Voices) St. John’s, NL
Conductor: Douglas Dunsmore

University of Guelph Chamber Singers (22 Voices) Guelph, ON
Conductor: Marta McCarthy

University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers (40) Saskatoon, SK
Conductor: Gerald Langner

Category 7: Mixed Voice Chamber Choirs
Halifax Camerata Singers (26 Voices) Halifax, NS
Conductor: Jeff Joudrey

L’Ensemble Vocal Ste-Anne Singers (25 Voices) Ste-Anne-de-Bellvue, QC
Conductor: Margo Keenan

St. Barnabas Anglican Church Choir (20 Voices), Ottawa, ON
Conductor: Wesley R. Warren

Category 8: Equal-Voice Men’s Choirs
The Victoria Scholars Men’s Choral Ensemble (16 Voices), Mississauga, ON
Conductor: Jerzy Cichocki

Forte – The Toronto Men’s Chorus (23 Voices) Toronto, ON
Conductor: Edward Connell

Category 9: Equal-Voice Women’s Choirs
Belle Canto (24 Voices) Edmonton, AB
Conductor: Heather Johnson

Concerto Della Donna (17 Voices) Montréal, QC
Conductor: Iwan Edwards

Elektra Women’s Choir (40 Voices) Vancouver, BC
Conductor: Morna Edmundson

Category 10: Church or Synagogue Choirs
St. Barnabas Anglican Church Choir (20 Voices), Ottawa, ON
Conductor: Wesley R. Warren

Category 11: Pan-Cultural Choirs
Choeur Wabiza Choir (11 Voices), Montréal, QC
Conductor: M. Sama Veluze

Megobrebi (11 Voices), Toronto, ON
Conductor: Samantha Hirst

Category 12: Contemporary Music
Concerto Della Donna (17 Voice Women’s Choir) Montréal, QC
Conductor: Iwan Edwards

Quintessential Vocal Ensemble (35 Voice SATB Choir) St. John’s, NL
Conductor: Susan Quinn

Vancouver Cantata Singers (24 Voice SATB Choir) Burnaby, BC
Conductor: Eric Hannan

The recordings submitted by these groups will now be forwarded to CBC/Radio-Canada and many will be featured on programs such as Choral Concert over the coming weeks.

A new panel of 5 outstanding Canadian choral conductors will convene in person to listen to the recordings and adjudicate the finalists.  The winners of the competition will be announced at the competition gala on May 22, 2010 at the Podium Banquet in Saskatoon, SK.  Finalist choirs are encouraged to send a representative to the Podium conference so they may receive their award in person, should they be declared a winner.  CBC/Radio-Canada will host this illustrious event and the proceedings will be broadcast on Choral Concert the next morning, May 23rd.  The date of the Radio-Canada broadcast is forthcoming.

For more information, please contact or call 902-442-7054.

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