Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Monday, August 8, 2011

Alliance des chorales du Québec Present the Jean-Pierre Guindon Prize

On July 23rd two representatives of the Alliance des chorales du Québec, Mr. Paul Belzile, president, and Mr. Charles Martin, treasurer, presented Madame Jocelyne Beaulieu with the Jean-Pierre Guindon prize.  Madame Beaulieu was overwhelmed to receive such a distinguished award which honours choir directors of more than twenty-five years experience and which stresses the unconditional support these choir directors give to their choirs and to their regions.  This was the first time that a choir director from the Abitibi region has been so honoured.
This exceptional lady has enjoyed a remarkable career.  Fully committed to the art of choral singing, Madame Beaulieu has organized a regional choral festival, has acted as arranger, scriptwriter, and creator of background music and scores for several shows and musical comedies, has taught music at the primary and secondary levels, particularly piano and wind instruments at a music school.  She is also founder and musical director of « Stage Band »; Nord Jazz, founder and director of l'Harmonie du Lac Abitibi orchestra, founder, choir mistress and director of the chorale Les Bout-en-train which in collaboration with the theatre group A Coeur ouvert produced the highly successful show Le Paradis du Nord which Madame Beaulieu directed.

L'Alliance des chorales du Québec is delighted that Madame Beaulieu is part of the large family of choral singing in Quebec and hopes that her great passion for music will continue to be shared with other musicians and spectators from the region in the production of many more exciting projects.

Read the article in l’Écho Abitibien :

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