Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TheC7Prize FOR CHORAL COMPOSITION 2014 Edition: SATB choral works. Deadline March 10, 2014

TheC7Prize–calling all Composers, Conductors, and Choirs…

TheC7Prize: “Conductors, Choirs and Composers Collaborating on a Choral Composition Competition” is a competition with one to three top monetary prizes, and ‘performance prizes’ in the form of performances of two-dozen or more works as one of its chief aims.

COMPOSERS: TheC7Prize is open to citizens of, and all full-time students in, Canada and the USA.


CONDUCTORS: TheC7Prize invites conductors everywhere to join in the Marketplace Showcase adjudication aspect of the competition. Once signed up, conductors are asked to peruse ‘Recommended Works’ with a possible view to performing one or more of them.


PRIZES: There is a top monetary prize for as-yet-unperformed works. As well, there is the likely possibility of performance by choirs around the world. (see ‘Conductors’ above).


Due the innovative nature of TheC7Prize competition, this allows for
  • no composer age limit 
  • sacred or secular works 
  • original and arranged works
  • piano-accompanied or a cappella works 
  • any language 
  • performed as well as not-yet-performed works 
  • works from 2’30” to 5 minutes 
  • composer-published (though not ‘traditionally’ published) works 
  • works composed within five years of the entry deadline 
  • a wide variety of styles & genres which, while embracing mainly classical and art music traditions, also include world music, jazz–influenced, gospel… 
  • display of ALL Recommended Works at 2014 ACCC and 2015 ACDA conferences.
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