Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Call for Submissions: NCCO Choral Music Series 2013 NCCO Conference, College of Charleston October 31–November 2, 2013

 The National Collegiate Choral Organization is pleased to announce a call for submissions to the NCCO Choral Music Series. In 2011, four outstanding choral compositions were selected for the series and presented in a literature session at the 2011 NCCO Conference held November 3–5 in Fort Collins, CO. NCCO invites submissions to be chosen and presented at the 2013 NCCO Conference to be held October 31–November 2 in Charleston, SC.

Submission deadline for consideration: April 1, 2013 
Final selections announced will be announced June 1, 2013Selection Information
  • The NCCO Choral Series Committee intends to select up to 3 works that vary in level of difficulty from an advanced level that would be suitable for university choirs composed of graduate and undergraduate music majors to works more suitable for choirs comprised of non- music majors.
  • The NCCO Choral Series Committee reserves the right to select fewer than 3 works if the committee does not find submissions acceptable or for any other reason.
  • Chosen works will be presented in a literature session at the 2013 NCCO Conference.
  • Music for The NCCO Choral Music Series will be available to all conductors for download
    and purchase on the NCCO website following the 2013 Conference as pdf files. The rights to
    duplicate each composition will be given based on the numbers of copies to be duplicated.
  • The pricing will be $1 per copy regardless of quantity.
  • All proceeds, except the cost to NCCO for typesetting, will go directly to the composer.

Repertoire Requirements
  • Works suitable for university, college, and two-year college choirs. 
  • Mixed or single-gender voicing. The Choral Series Committee encourages the
    submission of equal voice compositions.
  • Accompanied or unaccompanied.
  • Short to medium length works up to approximately 8 minutes in length.
  • Original compositions for choirs will be given preference. Arrangements or performing editions of existing choral works will be considered. Performing editions should be the result of extensive scholarship.
  • Works suitable for concert performance.
  • Compositions should not be under consideration for publication by another publisher.
  • A composer may only be considered for one score at a time.
  • Compositions with prior performances are acceptable. 
  • To collegiate conductors: A source of literature that is suitable for their choirs; a series of literature chosen for publication by collegiate level choral conductors.
  • To composers: Promotion of their compositions through literature session at national conference, on NCCO web site, in NCCO promotional materials, and a fair compensation for their work.
  • To NCCO: Fulfills part of NCCO’s mission “...promoting repertoire suitable to their interests...” and helps to promote the organization.
Submission Information
  • Send a pdf and mp3 (live or electronically produced recordings are acceptable, no hard copies will be accepted) to William Bausano:
  • Include proof of permission to use any copyrighted texts.
  • Include translations (where appropriate), a biography, contact information, and prior performances (where appropriate). 
  • Membership in NCCO is encouraged but not required.
Submission deadline for consideration: April 1, 2013 
Final selections announced will be announced June 1, 2013

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