Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Thursday, September 2, 2010

29th International Choral Festival of Preveza 17th International Choral Competition of Sacred Music

Applications are now being accepted for the 29th International Choral Festival of Preveza incorporating the 17th International Competition of Sacred Music, which will take place in the town of Preveza, Greece, July 7 - 11, 2011. Many kinds of choirs can participate in the competition with freely selected repertoire generally of a sacred character, or they can just participate in the festivities of the festival, taking part in several concerts at the greater area of Preveza.

For more information about the previous festivals, the jury committee, the town of Preveza and the Choral Society Armonia as well as rules of participation and application forms, please visit our website

Closing date for applications is May 1, 2011.
The International Choral Festival of Preveza is an institution of high artistic quality, both in the Greek and in the international choral field. More than 350 choirs from all over the world have been on its stage, while great personalities have been accredit to its International Jury Committee with their presence, guaranteeing with their glory for the artistic status of the festival as well as the reliability of its procedures.

Working on the direction of its greater spread worldwide, we are sure that you will all find out a really attractive destination that manages to combine both high artistic value and quality, as well as the advantages of a beautiful tour, as our region is full of archaeological sites from the Ancient Hellenic period and areas of great natural beauty, too.  Besides, staying in Preveza could be an opportunity both for day trips to the surrounding area and excursions to the greater area of our precinct.

Preveza is 370 km away from Athens, which is the capital of Greece. It has got an airport (Aktion) and a flight from Athens lasts for 45 minutes, while by bus it takes about 5 hours to reach.

The closest port is that of Igoumenitsa, which is 85 km away from Preveza and we should notice that it has itineraries to and from Italy daily (Bari, Ancona, Venice).

This is another advantage for the organization of your tours, since you could organize one including Greece and Italy at a really low price. Also, staying in our city, as you will see in the prices attached, is not at all expensive, while it could be combined with excursions to Athens and Salonika, or even better Lefkas, Parga and Ioannina.

At the same time Preveza is a place which could be a summer holiday destination, as it has an islandisch character, though it is located at the mainland of Greece, since it is washed by sea ( Ambrakikos Gulf, the Ionian Sea) where one could swim, do sea sports, etc. What’s more, in Preveza there are a number of historical sites, as it is built at the location of Ancient Nicopolis, the city that Octavios built after his victory over Antonios and Cleopatra, at the naval battle of Action in 31 BC. Nowadays the Ancient Odium, the Ancient Stadium and a number of other historical sites are preserved in a very good state, while findings from the different periods of ancient times are safe-warded and exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Preveza.

Moreover, in our area one could find the Gates of Ades at the Acheron River, where the underworld was, according to tradition, while one could also see the Necromantium, where someone could communicate with the dead, according to the same tradition. This monument back to 500 BC.

Last but not least, in Preveza with its narrow backstreets and its taverns one could enjoy –in very reasonable prices- numerous sea tidbits, plenty of wine and ouzo, and admire the tradition character of the city.

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