Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Association of Canadian Choral Condutors

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sing Mozart in Salzburg October 7-10 2010

Michael Griffin sends a reminder to the choral community about an opportunity for singers/choristers /orchestral musicians to sing/accompany the Mozart Great Mass in C-minor as part of a wonderful festival in Salzburg. The idea is simple: Get the sheet music (PDF from Michael if you like), learn your part (soprano, alto, tenor or bass), register (a modest fee) and be in Salzburg from October 7-10 this year for rehearsals and oerformance. Sightseeing and accommodation options are provided. It's a simple but effective concept to encourage people to make music together in historical and beautiful Salzburg.
The organisers take the first 300 poeple that register and there are still some places available. The rehearsals and performance takes place in the Salzburg Cathedral under the baton of their musical director, and with the Cathedral orchestra. Full choirs can participate, as can individuals, and orchestral musicians. This makes for a great 4-day holiday, meeting like-minded music lovers from all parts of the world and engaging in a memorable and special musical experience. If this year is not possible for you, you may want to consider 2012.

Contact Michael Griffin for more info:

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Owen Sharpe said...

Looks good Michael. What is the name of the festival?

Owen Sharpe